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Wildlife Game viewing

Wildlife and Game viewing - African Safari Vactions

Everyone on a wildlife Safari is after that moment when a plethora of Wild animals are on display. It is really impressive to take photos of the Wilderness with the beautiful spots of animals like Zebras, Elephants, Giraffes, Kobs, Leopards, Lions and more. There is no better way to achieve this than Game driving.

Game driving is more secure and rewarding, it exposes tourists particularly Wildlife lovers to a range of Species. It usually involves driving around the park suburbs following the permanently established trails with interest of sighting animals, birds and primates.

You can only do this by a vehicle with a pop up roof, from this vehicle you can’t stop admiring the spectacular views of the Wilderness, animals feeding and sunset/rise. While in East Africa, you can do the driving in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania but most travelers prefer Uganda for many reasons.

One of the reasons for this, is that few travelers have discovered Uganda as a pristine destination not to miss while in Africa.

Therefore those who fancy an adventure that is just free of crowned, find this a very suitable and interesting locality to spend beautiful moments. Below are the best Parks where you can do game driving while in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park

Just in the northwestern part of Uganda, you find Murchison Falls National Park the largest park in Uganda.

It fascinates travelers with the Nile River that bisects thriving Savannah before gushing into the Rift Valley escarpment to form the great Murchison Falls.

You can get to this Park from Kampala via Kampala – Masindi – Gulu highway including a stopover at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Wildlife enthusiasts are bound to see a diverse range of bird species, pods of hippos, and rafts of crocodiles.

Other things to see on game drive include Wild animals like lions, antelope species, leopards, buffaloes, spotted hyenas, Rothschild giraffes and more.

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

One of Uganda’s most visited, Queen Elizabeth National Park sits in the South Western part of Uganda. It boasts a huge biodiversity that includes plant life, Wild animals, reptiles, primates, insects and bird species.

It covers a total area of 1978 square kilometers and travelers like it most for its famous tree climbing lions, unique bird species, variety of animals and picturesque sceneries.

This Park features three regions where you can do a remarkable game drive, these include Kasenyi plains, Mweya Peninsula and the southern Ishasha sector.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Tucked far in the north eastern part of Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is ranked for several years among the best Wildlife Safari parks in Africa.

It is the most isolated park in Uganda and this is a major favoring factor towards maintaining its tranquility.

Its lush habitats that consists of untouched savannah landscapes, grasslands, Kidepo and Narus rivers is home to over 77 mammals and 475 species of birds.

A thrilling game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park, reveals more of the unique Wild animals you cannot find anywhere else like the greater and lesser kudu, cheetah and elands.

Lake Mburo National Park

This Park is not only the smallest in Uganda but as well the closest to access from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. It is located in the western part of Uganda along Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara highway.

Its rich Wildlife is the main draw for most of travelers to this Park. While on game drive, you can behold animals like leopards, zebras, Elands, buffaloes and more. Apart from that, you can be part of a guided walk or horse riding.