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White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting on the Nile.

White water rafting along the waters of river Nile is amongst the most popular adventures in Uganda. Rafting addicts have enjoyed this Ugandan experience for over ten years. If you are after this while on a Uganda Safari, you can have it to your best in Jinja – just in the Eastern part of Uganda. From first timers to the second time explorers, the source of the Nile has everything for you.

The Nile as a river consists of deep and calm pools that are interspersed amid great and exciting rapids. The multiple rapids between the mid-river islands allows adventurers to choose options for those who don’t fancy dunking in the river.

This experience includes sailing on the waters by use of paddle rafts that follow the direction of flowing waters.

Each raft consists of members who are led by a professional guide. Before setting off, you are first briefed about details of the rafting journey.

After it starts and paddlers are directed on how to enjoy themselves on the waters. The main raft is usually followed by Kayakers who are responsible for getting people back to their boats in case the raft flips upside down.

The excursion begins slowly and in a few kilometers, the raft guides get the chance to train adventurers on different skills of Nile rafting.

As the journey continues, it becomes more exciting as you paddle through a series of spectacular rapids.

Once you continue to the Wild waters, there is more time amidst the rough waters though they become larger and incredible.

At Itanda, the falls are more powerful – when you reach here, travelers are advised to leave the rafts and cross to the next locality by land.

Nile has different grades for rapids ranging from 1 – 5, therefore, travelers have two options to choose from – you either go the hard way or easy way. Great adventurers choose for the grade five rapids.

In the past, one year back both half day and full-day rafting experiences were on offer but after construction of the Bujjagali falls, the full-day experience phased out and now you can only enjoy the half-day excursion. It starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon.