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Safaris in Congo

Safaris in Congo

Our safaris to Congo are conducted in the Eastern part in the Virunga National Park. Choosing to do a Gorilla trek safari in DR. Congo’s Virunga National Park accompanied with the Chimpanzee habituation walk in Tongo forest is an ultimate adventure. Tourist or traveler aiming at profile building and also willing to real experience what it means meeting with the shy endangered ground dwelling species of Gorillas in the Jungles plus the chimpanzee primate species get to this section of wildlife.

Congo’s Virunga National park is one of the top destinations to visit which habits most of Congo’s Wildlife species in its biodiversity including Wild animals, primates, insect species, different plant species, different bird species and reptiles, Virunga National Park is the main reason why Democratic Republic of Congo receives a huge percentage of tourists from different countries of the World per year.

About Virunga. Virunga National Park formerly called Albert National Park is ranked to be the oldest National Park in Africa, its located in the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo stretching from Virunga Mountains in the south to Rwenzori Mountains in the North nearing Queen Elizabeth National Park and Mountain Rwenzori National park of Uganda, its inclusive of the Virunga massif with Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda “The land of a thousand hills” and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda “The Pearl of Africa”.

Its popularly known for habiting the species of Mountain Gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo although it habits other Wildlife species including Chimpanzee primate species in Tongo forest which is part of Virunga National Park, other primates include Colobus monkeys like Black and White, Red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, vervet, patas monkeys, baboons, Mangabey and more, other wildlife species include different insect species, different bird species including both forest birds and water birds which are endemic to Africa, reptiles like chameleon, geckos, snakes like black cobra, python and more are also inhabitants.

Virunga National Park is characterized with thick tropical rain-forests comprising of big tree species, Savannah grasslands, bogs, shrubs and some areas being covered by bamboo forests and swamps.

How to get there? Usually all visitors to Democratic Republic of Congo land in Rwanda at Kigali international airport and transfer from there up to Goma border, this is because Democratic Republic of Congo is characterized with poor air transport system. All transportation services from Kigali up to Goma border are arranged with a local tour operator although you can use public transport means like taxi but it’s not recommended as they tend to be inconvenient, time wasting and insecure.