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Rwanda Safari Holidays

Rwanda Safari - Gorilla & Primate Safaris

Embarking on a Rwanda safaris is the only option to discover the untold wealth of natural wonders in this land of a thousand hills. Most of safaris tailored to Rwanda include budget gorilla safaris for group and private visitors to Volcanoes National Park in the north western part of the country, home to thousands of Mountain Gorillas.

Safaris in Volcanoes National Park are not only about trekking Mountain Gorillas or tracking Golden monkeys, there is chance to explore other exciting points of interest in the Park together with stirring activities that turn Rwanda the most thought after Safari destination in East Africa. From year to year, numerous travelers flock in to explore the hidden treasures of Rwanda, starting from the sweeping views of rolling hills, chimpanzee tracking and canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park to Virunga mountain ranges.

Not mentioned is the Gishwati Mukura national Park that is renowned for Chimpanzee tracking. Hikes to Dian Fossey grave yard and Karisoke research center, nature walks along with bird watching in different Rwanda’s birding hot-spots. You can further head to Akagera National Park in the Eastern part of Rwanda to have a glimpse on the African big fives together with numerous savanna grassland dwellers. For a deep insight into Rwanda’s culture and history, a visit to Iby’wachu cultural village and genocide sites is more rewarding. Rwanda Safaris further extend to Kigali for city tours and visits to different local communities for local experience.

Best time to go on a Rwanda Safari.

Safaris in Rwanda mostly dwell around Gorilla trekking, then other activities are just additions. Gorilla trekking is considered feasible all year round but the best time recommended in Rwanda is during the dry season. Rwanda’s dry season starts from mid- December to early February and June to September. This period offers the easiest hiking conditions, trails in the Jungles are free from mud and weather is just comfortable.

You can as well trek the Gorillas out of that time frame of the dry season but keep it in mind that the going is not easy as it is in the dry seasons, during rainy seasons the path are steep, slippery and muddy. With the rainy reason, rain fall drops are expected at every time which may inconvenience the trekking excursion. Not like Gorilla trekking, again for Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe is more suitable during the rainy season.

Reason being that during the rainy season there is plenty of food and chimpanzees can be easily seen. Rwanda’s rainy season start from mid-February to early June and mid-September to mid-December.

In the dry season, there is scarcity of food, chimpanzees move deep into the forest in search of what to eat making it hard to see them during that period.