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Nyiragongo Volcano Hike

Nyiragongo Volcano Hike - DR Congo Adventure Safaris

When you hear about Nyiragongo hiking, you may ask what is it all about, here are the details about this incredible adventure in Democratic Republic of Congo. Mountain Nyiragongo is an active Volcano in the Virunga massif. It draws thousands of travelers from different part of the World who flock in to hike up to the top for an overnight stay.

The expedition usually includes hiking via steep slopes and rugged terrains up to the summit, it’s a kind of a strenuous adventure but rewarding once you make it to the top. You will keep on admiring the scenic views of rolling hills, vast landscapes and sunset/rise while on this two day adventure.

It starts from Kibati, a briefing is conducted first to highlight adventurers all details about hiking up to the top. After the journey starts, travelers are advised to hire porters who will carry the must have Mikeno package.

The package includes food for cooking at the top, drinking water, protective wearing gears like jackets no hiking shoes, snacks, charcoal and the chef. It is only provided by Virunga foundation. Another thing to have are the hiking sticks and you can hire them from Virunga offices.

The journey starts with the hike through areas that are at lower altitudes and as it continues you face more challenges, the next step includes rugged trails that are covered with lava rocks. If you have poor hiking shoes, you will find difficulties here – please choose strong hiking shoes. At the last ascend to make it to the top, the slopes are steeper and the weather is very cold with low temperature rates. When you reach here that is when you realize the importance of jackets and other protective wearing gears.

At the summit there over twelve cabins well reserved for overnights to all visitors. Each consists of two single beds with a mattress and blanket. Once you reach the top, you can relax in these cabins as the chefs are preparing what to eat. Later at night you will be impressed by the spectacular views of burning Lava Lake with a red glow. All costs for the overnight stay are included on the money paid for the trekking permit. On day two, early in the morning after great moments at night, you will start the descending journey back to the starting point.

Cost for Hiking

To make it clear for everyone, all permits for the hiking expeditions to the top of the volcano are issued by the Virunga foundation and it costs $300 USD per person. After clearing the hiking fees then you have to include the one for Mikeno package, it is a must pay if you are to hike and it costs $100 USD per person including the transportation from Mikeno lodge.

The hiking stick is hired at $5 USD per person and $24 USD for each porter. The porter will be responsible for carrying all your belongings up to the top.

Before booking all these requirements for the trek, it is better you first apply for the Congo tourist entry Visa and confirm the travelling because money for Nyiragongo hike once paid is nonrefundable in most cases. It is more secure and comfortable when you arrange all the details with a local tour operator.