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Nature Eco Tours

Nature and Eco Tours

When you talk about Eco tourism it simply means visiting the pristine, and relatively untouched natural areas of interest for exploration with a mind of leaving it in its natural state. You can as well do it with an intention to educate the travelers, or solicit some funds for ecological conservation to directly benefit the economic and political empowerment of locals, as well as fostering respect for the culture and human rights.

Since the 1980s ecotourism is considered a vital campaign by numerous environmentalists to enable the future generation to experience the same destinations in the real natural state. Mainly, ecotourism deals with the living parts of natural environments and sceneries. With ecotourism, the focus is certainly on responsible travel, personal and environmental sustainability, and suitability.

While on eco-tours, you will typically travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and culture are the main draws. It’s meant to offer travelers insights into the impact of humans on the surrounding environment and grand appreciation of our endowed natural beauties.

Most tourism destinations emphasize this type of tourism and that’s why they still survive with their natural wonders and unspoiled environments from year to year. If you are hoping for Eco tours in Africa, there is no better place than its Eastern part. There is more to explore in a tranquil environment. The Eastern part of Africa has its prominent destinations that sound high if its tourism in Africa. These destinations are Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya in addition to the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Central part of Africa.

All these areas feature several protected National Parks and game reserves where Eco tours and nature walks are offered. On Eco tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and DR Congo you will delve into trekking experiences such as Gorilla trekking, forest walks together with mind-blowing Wildlife viewing excursions. All eco-tours are customized with the complacent stays in nature-friendly eco-lodges and camps.