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Mountain Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania

It is everyone’s dream to reach the top of the highest mountain in Africa. It is located in Tanzania and the summit is at 4900 m for its base. Over 75000 trekkers pack for Mountain Ruwenzori climbing per year. Though strenuous, this experience is rewarding and best recommended for those who are enthusiastic about Mountaineering.

Tucked far away in the northern part of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is in close proximity to a range of top captivating Safari Parks like Serengeti National Park.

This is easy to understand why most packages to Mount Kilimanjaro are combined with a visit to nearby parks like Ngoro Ngoro, Tarangire or Serengeti an ideal locality to spot the great Wildebeest migration. Below are some of the tips you should know before you pack for this adventure.

Mountain Kilimanjaro lies at 5895m, this is the reason why Mountain Kilimanjaro ranks the highest in Africa. Once you reach the summit, views of vast landscapes and stunning sceneries are inspirational.

Most travelers to Africa prefer hiking adventures to the top of this outstanding spot because it is one of the best viewing points to take in spectacular sights of Africa’s leading natural wonders. Some call it the roof of Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro sits in the northern part of Tanzania. If not in Tanzania, you can sight this physical feature while in Amboseli National Park – Kenya, travelers are inspired by the picturesque Kili backdrop. Others see it while on a plane from Nairobi. All climbing adventures are conducted in Tanzania.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost

Two options are available for any adventurer to choose from, you either join a fixed departure climb in a group or opt to take a private climb. For the fixed departure package, the cost for climbing start from around $2500 per person and then the price for private options depends on number of people. For more details about climbing costs contact a reputable operator.

The best time to climb Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro is possible all year round though it’s more extraordinary in the dry season when the rainfall drops are very low. The wet season which starts from March to the end of May is not recommendable for this enthralling adventure. If you want to get more of it and as well catch amazing views from the summit on a clear day, time your trekking adventure from July to the end of October.

How long does it take to climb Kilimanjaro?

Time or days taken to reach the summit of this highest point in Africa depends mostly on the routes used. The fastest route takes about four nights but most adventure lovers prefer the 6-8 nights route, it is more rewarding.

Overall Fitness Required.

Though there is a route that favours even the novice hikers up to the top with no need for climbing equipment’s, you still have to be physically fit with good health status.

It is advised that before you board this adventure trip in Tanzania, first see your doctor for checkups and medication recommendations.