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Kalinzu Forest Reserve

Kalinzu Forest Reserve - Uganda Primate Safaris

With no doubt, Kalinzu Forest Reserve is one of the most pristine locations that travelers would not wish to miss while on a Safari to Uganda. This protected area is geographically located in the Western part of Uganda near the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park.

When travelling from Kampala, it takes about 5-6 hours for the drive via Kampala – Masaka – Mbarara highway. It is a preferable stopover for visitors to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

While in this locale, you can engage in numerous activities such as birding, forest hiking, chimpanzee tracking and nature walks.

This reserve differs itself from others with its wide range of tree species that total up to 400 and more along with the shrubs. Aside from species of trees, the forest shelters abundant species of primates.

These primates include colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, vervet monkeys, baboons and blue monkeys. To add on that, Kalinzu is recorded with over 380 bird species thus being among the best birding spots in Uganda, 270 butterflies, reptiles and 100 moths.

Some of the common species of birds you can sight include the great blue Turaco, black and white casket.

A range of Wild animals breathe life in the parts of the reserve that are covered by Savannah grasslands.

Some of these animals are buffaloes, elephants, forest hogs, leopards, wild pigs, lions and more. It is believed that some of these animals cross from the nearby Queen Elizabeth National Park. A number of travelers prefer including this reserve in the Wildlife Safari package to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Approximated to be about 382km in the southwestern part of Uganda from Kampala, Kalinzu forest reserve lies on average altitude of about 1400m above sea level.