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Iby’wachu Cultural Experience

Iby’wachu Cultural Experience in Rwanda

This is a nonprofit and cultural project in the north western part of Rwanda, Musanze district near the great Volcanoes National Park. The main aim for the project is to transform the lives of the Batwa pygmies.

These Batwa people were forest dwellers, they mostly depended on forests and caves as their shelter, bush meat as food and tree leaves as their medicine.

They migrated from the Ituri forest reserve in Democratic Republic of Congo, part settled in Rwanda near Volcanoes and others settled in the west wing of Uganda.

The Batwa were very shy and it took them a lot of time to get used to the community settings after vacation from all areas occupied by the protected Parks like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

All funds paid for the experience help in supporting these people in their communities plus as well paying the guide and music – dance demonstrators. Some of the projects that are beneficial to the community include water support, building of schools for education

Before leaving forests, these people were very shy to human presence, but as per now there are used to local pupils: there are carrying out different activities.

Iby’wachu cultural Village is a prime layover for any travelers heading for Gorilla trek, Golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park. Or you can visit the village after unusual memories with the Gorillas.

On a visit you will meet these people in the locality and a guide who is meant to tour you around visiting the scattered huts that showcase different things that were practiced by these people in the past. End the visit at King’s house; you will as well be crowned like a King.

Moreover, visitors are delighted by the traditional music and dances. Lots of dances and music are performed in Kinyarwanda traditions. Some of the dances exhibited by these people include the Intore dances plus more.

You will also immerse the good art works made by these people; some of these are pottery, basket weaving and more. This is a rewarding cultural experience you should not miss while in Rwanda for a holiday.