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Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Gorilla Trekking Experience in DR Congo

A better way to explore the highly talked about Gorilla species in Virunga is to be part of the jaw dropping Gorilla trekking expeditions offered by the Park. Gorilla trekking in Virunga is on offer daily. It rewards with a lifetime experience of meeting face to face with the Gorillas in the Jungle. For a period of one hour allowed while in presence of these apes, you will see them feeding, playing, laughing, constructing temporary huts for shelter as well as taking photos and videos for your gallery. It is every ones dream but what limits is the permit required to be allowed for the excursion. This permit is a must buy and it costs $400 USD per person.

Nyiragongo Hiking

What a life time adventure to relish for adventure enthusiasts. It winds through steep slopes and rugged terrains. Seems strenuous but truly rewarding with splendid views of landscapes, rolling hills, and towering volcanoes. It’s a two days expedition and starts from Kibati. A briefing is first conducted to highlight trekkers on all details about Nyiragongo hiking in Virunga. Hire porters to carry your luggage like Mikeno package up to the top. After all that, the journey to the top starts. This journey is divided into five segments up to the top. Whereby the first part involves hiking through areas at lower altitudes.

As you continue more challenges appear, the second part consists of rough trails with loose lava rocks. Those with poor hiking shoes find difficulties with this part, therefore its better you choose those that are strong. When you reach the last ascend of the journey, mountain slopes are steeper along with cold temperatures that are brought about by high altitudes. Reaching at the top you will not believe the cold environment. You start to see the importance for warm clothes and rain jackets often emphasized to carry.

Twelve cabins are in-place for shelter; each cabin consists of two single beds with a mattress and pillow. Once at the top, hikers are free to relax in the cabins while waiting for dinner, hot tea, eat some snacks and later at night sight the night view of burning lava with red glow.

Cooks and porters are available to offer all services to you that are worth your money paid. All costs for overnight stay are included on the permit fee. Next day, early in the morning after breakfast you descend back to Kibati starting point for other activities or transfer back to Kigali for return flight.

Cost for Hiking

All permits for Nyiragongo hiking expeditions are issued by the Virunga foundation. It costs $300 USD per person. In addition to that there is a cost for Mikeno package which costs $100 USD per person with transportation from the Mikeno lodge inclusive, hire hiking stick at a cost of $5 USD and porters are too available at a cost of $24 USD each. Keep this in mind, once bought; Nyiragongo Hiking permits do not attract a refund. Secure first the hiking permits before applying for a Congo Visa. A single Congo tourist entry visa costs $105 per person. This single entry visa is valid for 14 days from the day of entry to DR Congo.