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DR.Congo Safaris

Safaris to Congo | Gorilla Trekking and Nyiragongo Hike

Our Safaris to Congo include the Gorilla tracking especially the Mountain Gorillas in the Virunga Mountains which borders Rwanda and Uganda in the East and Lowland Gorillas. There are no true estimates of how many of these apes are still remaining and are not regarded as endangered due to more conservation efforts. With its favorable conditions, good habitats that consist of rain-forests and grasslands, DR Congo boasts incredible numbers of different Wildlife species you can behold while on a wildlife Safari DR Congo.

Combined - Tailor-made safaris | DR Congo, Uganda & Rwanda

Jungle Whispers take you on a Safari in the Eastern Congo. DR. Congo is located in equatorial West Africa dominated by the planet’s second-largest rain-forest, which sprawls across hundreds of thousands of miles of the Congo River Basin. With glacial mountains and Savannah elsewhere, the DRC is enormous and supports a staggering range of wildlife and cultures. Congo is one of the best places you will enjoy the true wilderness because it’s regarded as the dark side of Africa simply because of its un-tampered with wildlife. However, a small portion of this huge country is remarkable a wildlife heritage and for a better African Safari experience, we combine Uganda and Rwanda on packages to DR Congo.

Combined safari packages

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