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Chimpanzee Habituation Experience

Chimpanzee Tracking and Habituation Experience

For all those who fancy an insight deeply into the chimpanzee behaviors and widely spend a blissful period of time with them, then you should choose the Chimpanzee habituation experience. Without doubt, this is the only best way of letting wild chimps get used to presence of human beings.

Those these active primates are not always on site, travelers on this experience usually learn about their feeding habitats, collect their droppings, track them in case you detect that they have just left the exact location you are.

Out of the 4950 chimpanzees recorded in Uganda, about 1500 individuals live in Kibale Forest National Park, an evergreen protected area in the Western part of Uganda near one of the cleanest towns in Uganda “Fort Portal”.

This Park is the only location where you can do the habituation experience while in the Pearl of Africa.

The all process of habituation looks similar with the tracking experience but what differs is the time spent with these primates in the Jungles.

Travelers on habituation are allowed to stay in the Jungle for about four hours while following their movements, seeing them as they feed, construct nests and more. You are as well free to take plenty of photos and videos.

Four hours are spent in the Jungle but when you combine with the time spent trekking from the starting point and back, this appears almost to be a full day excursion.

Below are the tips to help you have and embrace a rewarding habituation experience in Kibale Forest National Park.

This experience is not free of charge rather you have to purchase a permit respective to your dates of travel.

To let you know, permits once are purchased are non-refundable and are valid for use by one person in the respective dates. The only thing you can with the permits is rescheduling but it calls for some additional charges.

Choose for the best kinds of clothing that protective and comfortable while in the Jungle. For recommendation, put on long sleeved shirts and trousers and this can protect you from biting insects and skin scratches. On this you can add on smearing with insect repellants on body parts that are exposed like face, fingers and more.

Don’t forget rain gears like waterproof jackets and bags, head shocks and more, these can protect you from the unpredictable rain drops that can find you in the forest. Strong hiking shoes add to the list. In Uganda, rainfall is more common in the months of April to May and Oct to November.

As already said, Chimpanzee habituation is almost a full day excursion, therefore when heading for the adventure remember to come along with packed lunch and drinking water from your lodge.

It is not advised to eat in the presence of these primates, you may force them to attack you therefore wait until you are directed by the ranger guides on where to eat from.

If you need to ease yourself, inquire with the ranger and they will lead you to some hidden places in the Jungle where you can deposit your wastes after digging a hole.

Chimpanzees tend to move faster while in the Jungle and at the sometime move slowly so for any participator you have to be flexible and physically fit. You have always to keep your voice at low tone because you may scare these creatures and there are very jumpy.

Photography is possible, you can take a number of photos and videos but cameras with flush light are not allowed for use. Always set your camera in the better shooting mode because chimpanzees are hard to get in the right position.

Chimpanzee tracking is cost friendly, rewards some of the same highlights as habituation but for more time with these primates you should choose the habituation experience.