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Gorilla trekking Uganda

What makes gorilla trekking in Uganda the most captivating activity?

Gorilla trekking is among the most interesting activity embarked on by visitors in Uganda. This activity involves adventuring and hiking through the jungle forest in such of Man’s closest cousin “mountain gorillas”. This activity starts very early in the morning and it’s a 2-6 hour while in the rain forest of Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga national park, and Virunga mountains in Uganda. Spending your precious time with these endangered species in their habitat is quite interesting and much fun whereby you get to learn their social behavior of feeding, mating, body structure, and their communication style to one another. Gorillas are the largest apes in Africa and currently the bestselling attraction in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo creating a lifetime experience to visitors at a low cost.

Social behaviors

The amazing social behaviors of gorillas that are eye and mind capturing makes Gorilla trekking in Uganda the most captivating activity. These behaviors include communication style for example the gorillas make roars, laughs, and claps as they beat hard their chest, make touches, and facial expression. You will observe how the gorillas construct their nest, how they feed on foliage, and how they look after their young ones. An hour’s interaction with the mighty gorillas in their natural setting is a thrilling memorable experience in a lifetime.

Security nature of Uganda

Uganda in terms of security is stable compared to other countries selling Gorilla packages to tourists in need of Gorilla trekking. The good stability in Uganda has greatly increased tourist inflow in gorilla tracking areas of Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park in Uganda. A sustainability and conservation programs embarked by Ugandan has prevented the extinction of Gorilla species brought about by the human threats.

Aggressive and gentleness

The aggressive nature of the Gorillas in Uganda makes gorilla trekking interesting. The gorillas are known for being gentle and shy. Their shyness is seen when interacted face to face and looked straight in the eyes. The aggressiveness of Gorillas is rare and only seen when a predator attacks the young Gorilla, the mother gorilla fights till the last breathe. Also fights of the silverback the male gorilla in a bid of protecting its territory from the lone male gorilla.

Vegetation nature

The dense tropical vegetation forest in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Virunga Mountains, and Mgahinga national park in Uganda makes Gorilla trekking interesting. These thick, cold, and misty tropical rain forests which are Gorilla inhabitants also providing hunting grounds and feeding areas to these creatures since they are herbivorous. These feed on fresh plants, fruits gathered from tree branches, and roots at the grounds. The gorillas have a hairy body that keeps them warm throughout the wet and cold conditions. These forests have increased the breeding of Gorillas and favored their survival in the jungle hence promoting more Gorilla safari.

Gorilla permits

Uganda unlike Rwanda, Gorilla permits in Uganda sales cheaper prices of 700 dollars come 1 July 2020 to its clients. Whether you are on a Self-drive Tour or Guided Safari, these permits have to be pre-booked because they’re limited to numbers and Gorilla Families. The cheaper the prices of permits, the higher the turn-up of clients exposing them to the life of the largest apes in the pearl of Africa. The mountain Gorillas are interesting primate species to observe as they move, feed, protect their young ones from enemies, and how they adapt to the life of the jungle constructing shelter for youngsters. The money collected from the permits is used in the conservation of these endangered species.


The nature of Uganda’s lodging in the Gorilla trekking sector. Uganda offers the best lodging with good service facilities to the clients. Before and after a long forest experience, the clients refresh and relax in the lodges. These lodgings include hotels, lodges, inn, and motels among others.

Gorilla population

Uganda is the best destination to spot mountain gorillas for gorilla trekking. It has the highest percentage of mountain Gorillas in Bwindi harboring over 43 percent compared to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo comprising half of the mountain Gorilla percentage. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park has 19 habituated groups and Mgahinga national park has one group Nyakagezi.

Gorilla trekking sectors

It’s a great adventure to explore Uganda and its gorilla destination basically with the gorilla families. Uganda offers the client a choice to track in any of its sectors for example Rushaga and Nkuringo in the north and Ruhija and Buhoma in the south.

Thickness of Bwindi

The nature of the forests in Uganda such as Bwindi impenetrable forest being dense and thick requiring a lot of energy to penetrate through it and involves one to have physical fitness and stamina. To some clients, this makes the experience exciting as they forcefully with the use of trekking pole beat grass aside creating a clear path to where the gorillas are resting.

Come explore the great rainforest Bwindi impenetrable forest as you engage in the mesmerizing Gorilla trekking activity in any of the trekking sectors and encounter other numerous jungle beasts rare plant species, insects and butterflies. You can also Go gorilla tracking in Rwanda and Virunga in DR. Congo.

Written by: Nantamu Restty

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