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The most exciting landmarks in Uganda

What are the most exciting landmarks in Uganda?

Uganda the pearl of Africa is proudly enriched with natural heritage. The vegetation is associated with a well-arranged tropical forest with the highest diversity species in Africa. The country has other powerful water bodies, waterfalls, and magnificent volcanic landforms. The landmarks in Uganda are divided into two; the natural landmarks and Artificial landmarks. Man-made heritage is getting interesting of recent and these include paintings, enormous natural stones, and monuments. Natural heritages are rich and enclosed in their natural setting and these include waterfalls and forests. Below are the listed landmarks in Uganda.

Natural landmarks

Sipi falls

Sipi falls comprise of three magnificent chains of waterfalls. They are found in Eastern Uganda about 276 km from Kampala capita in Kapchorwa district in the Northeast of Sironko and Mbale district. Sipi falls are a magical place to visit filled with the beauty of the falls, vegetation, wildlife, mountain Elgon, caves, and the culture. This magical place offers amazing activities such as hiking/ nature walks, coffee tours, Sipi falls visits, cultural encounters among others. It’s indeed a romantic place that offers a romantic lifetime experience.

Murchison falls

Murchison falls is a prominent fall of Murchison falls national park found in northwestern Uganda spreading inland at the shores of Lake Albert, extending to Victoria Nile and up Karuma falls. The war between water and rocks takes place at Murchison falls and it’s at this very place where water surges through a narrow gorge of about 48m radius forming a plunge pool and spraying misty droplets hence forming a beautiful rainbow. As the speed water hits hard on the rocks it forms a thunderous roar hence a thrilling experience. The top of Murchison falls gives a clear scenic view of the Uhuru falls which split off Murchison in 1962 due to river burst. The down park of Murchison falls exposes visitors to a number of aquatic lives such as hippos, crocodiles, aquatic birds, elephants among others.

Bujagali falls

This fall is best known as the hydropower plant in Jinja near Kampala capital city in Uganda. It’s a waterfall where the Nile comes on Lake Victoria but the falls were later replaced with the Bujagali dam. This falls offers the best opportunity for rafting experience.

Sezibwa falls

This has been ranked as the best eco-tourism destination in Uganda. The falls are located 35km east of Kampala in the Mukono district. The falls are found on the Sezibwa River flowing from the wetlands between Lake Victoria and Kyoga. The falls provide beautiful scenery due to the natural vegetation and a wonderful spot for bird watching. Sezibwa falls have hidden myths since they are known for bearing the cultural and traditional values of the Baganda. It is believed that the Sezibwa river was born and has a twin called Bwanda. Sezibwa falls is reserved as a Buganda Heritage site and gives the opportunity for many locals to come and take their healing, blessing, and deliverance from the possession of miraculous powers.

Karuma falls

The stunning falls are situated on the eastern borders of Murchison falls national park. It’s a given supplement of a clear view of Karuma falls to visitors heading to the park on Karuma Bridge along Arua Pakwach highway. At Karuma falls is where the new modern technology power dam was introduced and recently ranked as the largest power station. It’s awesome to watch the rapid water of the Nile crossing the Bridge. The Karuma falls are formed as the pressure in the water hits the flow of the river at Karuma’s point. While crossing Karuma Bridge, visitors get a chance to see the beauty of Karuma falls, the baboons, and abundant black and white monkeys on the way.


Bwindi impenetrable forest

The Bwindi impenetrable forest is a large natural wildlife inhabitant that makes up Bwindi impenetrable national park located in southwestern Uganda of Kanungu district. It’s found at the edge of the Albertine rift valley on the western branch of the East African rift valley. The forest harbors half of the world’s population of the endangered mountain gorillas of the jungle. It’s also home to other primate species such as birds, plants, and other wildlife that call upon are a great number of visitors to come and experience the wonders of the pearl of Africa.

Bwindi is also known as the place of darkness due to its name impenetrable. The word impenetrable should not scare you but it’s fun and interesting as you adventure into the jungle while striking the thick grass to create way with the trekking stick because of the greenery that hinders direct access. The vegetation includes Bamboo, thick ground covers of vines, ferns, and the hard forest woods. The magical place of Bwindi gives visitors the opportunity to explore the jungle, do gorilla trekking, bird watching, nature walks/hikes among others.

Budongo forest

This natural forest is found in the northwest of Kampala capital city on the way to Murchison falls national park. It’s also known to be home to a population of 600 chimpanzees, 9 primates’ species, and over 280 butterflies a variety of tree species such as Mahogany trees. It’s currently the largest surviving central natural forest reserve in Uganda. The reserve sits on top of the Albertine rift with a semi-deciduous tropical rainforest. The forest is managed by National Forest Authority but back in the days, it was under the protection of Bunyoro king who preserved the flora and fauna in this reserve. The name Budongo means fertile soils.

Mabira forest

This is a central forest reserve covering about 300 square kilometers. It is located in Mukono district in the central region of Uganda between Buikwe, Lugazi, and Jinja. This rain forest beauty along Jinja road proves the true greenery of the pearl of Africa. Mabira forest is embraced with two sides the passerby where buses and cars pass and passengers sight the flora and fauna through the windows. The behind side has its own world and a story to tell. It is associated with numerous activities such as butterfly identification, forest nature walks/hikes, Mangabey tracking, birding, zip-lining among others

Lake Bunyonyi

Uganda is a birding paradise but lake Bunyonyi is a birding Haven and its famous for its little birds. Lake Bunyonyi is located in southwestern Uganda between Kisoro and Kibale close to the borders of Rwanda. It is the loveliest lake that appeared on the Uganda shilling note from 2004 to 2009 and its shores are encircled with 29 magnificent islands each with its story behind it. A lake is a magical place and boat canoeing at the lake is breathtaking. Expect bird watching, hiking, canoeing, swimming, mountain biking, and many more Uganda’s gem art its best.

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